Shumsky and Backman



Shumsky & Backman is a full service subrogation firm serving the needs of insurance professionals throughout the Pacific Northwest. The evaluation of subrogation begins immediately upon the insurer’s receipt of notice of claim from its insured. Shumsky and Backman is actively involved in providing insurers with a variety of services designed to simplify subrogation claims handling and to maximize recovery potential before a lawsuit is filed. We assist the insurer with the task of sifting through numerous, sometimes conflicting pieces of information, to develop a viable basis for recovery, which quite often is not readily apparent.

The evaluation of subrogation often competes with the first party adjuster’s need to swiftly conclude the evaluation process due to the insured’s need for clean-up, debris removal and demolition necessary to restart its business operations or rebuild its dwelling. Thus, insurance subrogation representatives must act promptly and decisively with respect to expert retention, scene preservation and evidence handling. With increasing frequency, evidentiary issues arising at this critical stage of claims evaluation can have devastating effects on viable subrogation recoveries. We are actively involved in all aspects of subrogation from immediate “on-site” assistance on large losses through trial.


We routinely speak and write on emerging legal issues pertinent to subrogation. Our “on-site” assistance includes identification and retention of locally qualified experts. Shumsky & Backman’s service continues with an initial evaluation of recovery potential and review of previously closed files. Our services are designed to assist the insurance professional’s decision on the type and amount of resources that should be devoted to recovery efforts for a particular loss.


Shumsky & Backman recovers millions of dollars annually for its insurance clients through settlement, trial and arbitration. If you would like more information regarding our successes, please do not hesitate to contact us.